Welcome back and hello to all the new faces!

Today we welcomed the new first year students with a fun and active introduction day. After the first years got a little scared of their introduction talk by Rob we tried to show them that the Masters can also be a lot of fun 🙂

We started the day with a nice lunch and then we needed to learn all the new names with a classic game of ‘krantenmeppertje’. Before the students got too excited with hitting people we headed down town. There we played some more fun games, like twister and an egg race. It was nice to see that everybody was having fun and everyone was laughing. 

Finally, we went to our new sponsorcafĂ© the BascafĂ©. Here, the second years could mingle with the first years, we ate pizzas and we announced the winning team of the day. The pizzas took a little longer but this made them taste even better. Because three teams shared the first place we had to come up with a challenge to decide which team could take the price home. What better way than to chug a glass of beer.

Congratulations to team Rhinos!

I hope you all had a nice day.