📣📣First education event upcoming📣📣

Maizena would like to invite you to this year’s first education event on the 7th of November. After a 45-minute lecture on current research tools during the professional skills course given by Tim and Konrad, they would like to offer an additional 1½-hour workshop 📝📝. Their aim is to help you not just understand these tools but also to show you how to use them effectively for your projects. The goal is for you to be able to start working with the tools on your projects right after the workshop is done. The workshop is for first and second year students and free for members and 1.50 for non-members.

Date & time: November 7th at 15:30-17:15
Location: Room EOS 1.560

For those who find it beneficial, attending this workshop can count towards your workshop hours. We are looking forward to seeing you there! 🤓

Please sign up via the link below: