The Daniel Wigboldus prize for enthusiasm and dedication to the RMBS

The Daniel Wigboldus prize is an award for shown enthusiasm and dedication to the Research Master Behavioural Science. This award is named after the first director of the research master and also the first one to have received this prize.

Winners of the Daniel Wigboldus prize

2018-2019: dr. Bernd Figner

2017-2018: dr. Bernd Figner

2016-2017: dr. Bernd Figner

2015-2016: dr. Bill (William) Burk

2014-2015: dr. Bill (William) Burk

2013-2014: dr. Ron Dotsch

2012-2013: prof. dr. Carolina de Weerth

2011-2012: prof. dr. Rob Holland

2010-2011: dr. Eliane Segers

2009-2010: prof. dr. Toon Cillessen

2008-2009: prof. dr. Daniël Wigboldus

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