Dear Research Master student,

We would like to introduce ourselves as the members of the OLC (opleidingscommissie/department program committee) of our Research Master. Our committee consists of the following four teacher members:

– Erik Bijleveld
– Fred Hasselman
– Ellen Driessen
– Martine Groefsema

We also have four student members:

– Konrad Schweizer (second year)
– Ilke Güven (first year)
– Berber Tolboom (first year)
– Laura Naemi Alders (first year)

The OLC is founded to protect the quality of the research master. The student members represent all students and their opinions when the board of the research master makes decisions about the education that is being offered. The student members are the link between you (the students) and the teachers.

During our meetings, we evaluate all the courses to make sure that the educational programme will be further improved. We take the student-evaluations and the teacher reports into account. Besides that, we advise the board of the research master when they are establishing the EER (Evaluations and Examination Regulations, consisting of all the rights and obligations of students and teachers) and about other cases we as students and teachers consider as being important.

For you as a student, this means that if anything is unclear, not well organized or unfair, please let us know! You can contact us via email, or you can approach us in person during lectures or in the hallway. We are always available for your suggestions! And last but not least, you can always give your anonymous opinion by filling in the course evaluations.

Kind regards,

Konrad, Ilke, Berber, and Naemi





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