Hi lovely people from Maizena!

My name is Nina and I’m really excited to become the new president of this year’s board. First let me tell you guys something about myself. I grew up in the south of the Netherlands, in beautiful Brabant, in the city Breda. After 18 years of living there, I moved to Nijmegen for my psychology bachelor. And as you can see, currently I’m in my first year of the BSRM, which means I’m still here in Nijmegen. So if you want any tips for fun things in Nijmegen, you can always come to me.

I did leave Nijmegen a couple times though, because I spend my last semester of my bachelors abroad in Melbourne, Australia. Last year I also went backpacking through South-East Asia for a couple months (classic, I know). But after all the traveling, I came back to Nijmegen to start the masters with a fresh mind, although unfortunately spending a lot of hours on R, got me quite rapidly out of the travel mindset. Besides traveling I also enjoy cooking with friends, swimming, yoga, photography and I really like music (although I’m not good with instruments, I just like listening to it and going to concerts).

If you ever have any questions or comments about Maizena, or anything else, feel free to talk to me. I hope I will see lots of you this year at the upcoming events (for example bowling the 17th of October!!).

See you soon!